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Why is go-kera purple?

Why is it purple?

Every now and then we get comments on our posts, or emails from customers that have used our products and wonder why go-Kera is so purple.

These comments come from our blonde customers, some very pleased with the toning components of the product, some, not so much.

The reason the product is purple is because it works as a toner for blondes. 

But you might be asking. Is it necessary? What if I don’t want to tone my hair?

Well, one of the side effects of the keratin treatments is that due to its acidic composition it can turn blondes into a yellow brassy colour.  By adding the toner component, it prevents the colour to turn brassy and it will tone ash in most cases.

The toner however, is not permanent and fades as you wash your hair, just as a purple shampoo would do.

“The toning is too strong and it made my hair purple”

While in most cases the toner will work beautifully sometimes it can overtone the hair depending on couple of factors:

1 – Porosity of the hair –  if it is bleached or damaged the toner will “hook” and “cling” to the hair more so than on a natural blonde;

2- The present tone of the blonde in your hair. If applying the product on ashy blonde chances are it will get overtoned if left for too long.

Rule of thumb is…if your blonde is more like a warmer tone leave the product for 25-30 minutes. If you have an cooler ashy tone, leave the product for no more than 20 minutes.

But again, if overtoning occurs, you can wash your hair and it will fade with few washes.

Ultimately it is a matter of preference. What is better to have brassy yellow blonde or ashy/platinum?

What if I am brunette or red hair? Will the toner do anything?

Basically no, the toner will not work on these type of hair so you can follow the instructions as usual.

The video below explains the toner component and you can clearly see the before and after on her blonde hair . I would highly recommend watching if you haven’t already. and if possible to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can always get our new videos .


If you have any questions, simply reply to this email and we will get back to you.

See you next time,


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I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Australia in 2006 where I soon fell in love with the Australian landscape, lifestyle and people. After practically growing up in salons in my homeland, I noticed that the Australian haircare market was lacking a high-quality, in salon or at-home, hair smoothing treatment that was pleasant to use and actually worked. So, I set out to create one. go-Kera™ by Scaevola is the result, and I can’t be happier so far. Enjoy!


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