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How to use go-Kera on Curly Hair

Often, we receive enquiries on how to safely apply the product on curly hair. Most customers don’t want to completely flatten their curls, but rather, just make them easier to manage and  without frizz. This is possible and it has all to do with the application....
The Best Aftercare Routine

The Best Aftercare Routine

Follow these guidelines to get the best results out of your go-Kera treatment First let me say that no matter the aftercare routine if the application of your go-Kera treatment was not done properly. If you missed my post on how to apply the treatment step by step and...

How straight do you want your hair to be?

Manage how straight your hair will be after using go-Kera. On my last post, I explained how straightening works inside your hair. Today I will explain how you can maximise your straightening effects or, if you have curly hair and want to keep your curls, how to only...
Secrets Of Hair Straightening

Secrets Of Hair Straightening

What makes the hair straighter? (And I don’t mean the flat iron LOL) Warning – you are about to learn something new (about 5 minutes read). If you ever wonder how do the straightening treatment work, then read on… You might have heard of Keratin...

Why is go-kera purple?

Why is it purple? Every now and then we get comments on our posts, or emails from customers that have used our products and wonder why go-Kera is so purple. These comments come from our blonde customers, some very pleased with the toning components of the product,...
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