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Should I colour my hair before or after go-Kera?

Tips and tricks to retouch your hair colour without damaging your go-Kera treatment.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is when is the right time to colour the hair.

That depends on one factor…Are you using bleach?

If you are using bleach for highlights or foils or you decided to go blonde, it is very important that you do the bleaching FIRST and go-kera after.

Why? Because let’s say you spent 3 hours applying go-kera in your hair. It is looking nice and shiny and straight. Then you decide to do foils… The bleaching process will open your hair shafts again and remove, strip off all the ingredients previously infused in your hair when you applied go-Kera.

So remember Bleach first, go-Kera after. If you want you can do it in the same day however we reccomend 3-7 days after bleaching to apply go-Kera.

What if I am using regular peroxide, touching up the colour, no bleaching involved?

Then do go-Kera FIRST and colour after. Regular colour is much less intrusive to the hair therefore is best to colour after, this way you also avoid colour fading while applying go-Kera, which may happen on a fresh colour.

If you have already coloured your hair you can still do go-Kera after. Just follow these tips:

  1. Apply our Anti-Frizz Leave-In cream in your hair before flat ironing. During the application, right after you rinse the smoothing solution off your hair, towel dry, apply Leave-In, finish drying then proceed to flat ironing. Leave -In will ensure colour protection to your hair.
  2. Reduce the temperature of the flat iron to 170C. Use lower temperature to avoid colour fading.

Please watch video below to see how our Leave-In can protect your hair.

I hope this post was of value for you.

Any questions, please reply and we will get back to you.

See you next time,



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About Felipe

I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Australia in 2006 where I soon fell in love with the Australian landscape, lifestyle and people. After practically growing up in salons in my homeland, I noticed that the Australian haircare market was lacking a high-quality, in salon or at-home, hair smoothing treatment that was pleasant to use and actually worked. So, I set out to create one. go-Kera™ by Scaevola is the result, and I can’t be happier so far. Enjoy!


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