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Secrets Of Hair Straightening

What makes the hair straighter? (And I don’t mean the flat iron LOL)

Warning – you are about to learn something new (about 5 minutes read).

If you ever wonder how do the straightening treatment work, then read on…

You might have heard of Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout, Nanoplatsty or Hair Botox.  Similar treatments with the same purpose. To repair and straighten your hair for a long time. (Normally from 2-5 months depending how strong it is its composition).

Permanent Hair Straightening or Japanese straightening fall into a different category which I will not be talking about today, however they are know to be very aggressive and full of harsh chemicals that can literally destroy your hair if not properly applied.

Back to the keratin, Botox, Blowout etc… If you ever thought that the keratin, or any sort of protein or the amino acids contained in those products are what straighten your hair, then you are wrong.

So what is that make it straight?

Back on the early 2000’s keratin treatments became notorious around the word for its amazing straightening and shiny results. Hair that seems to be impossible to manage suddenly were transformed into shiny, smooth, frizz -free and poke straight locks.

But that came with a cost, a hidden, harmful ingredient that if you are exposed  to it for long periods of time, it could cause serious harm to the health of those who work with it, the hairdressers and to the customers.

This ingredient is known as formaldehyde.

The way formaldehyde works is, it basically creates a “coat” around your hair making it super shiny and keeping it straight for a long period of time.

However, during the application of the product, heavy fumes and smoke were released thus harming the health of everyone around it.

Soon enough formaldehyde was made prohibited and a new formula for the treatments was developed.

Most of the keratin and similar treatments these days are 100% free of formaldehyde and have an acidic component that makes the hair straight.

go-Kera main ingredient is called “Serilliss”.

SERILISS is a professional hair straightening treatment based in the synergy of carboxylic acids and protein , which will act temporarily, promoting straightening and realignment of hair. 

The enriched composition of the product, especially the SERICIN, a protein extracted from Silk has the capacity of sealing the hair cuticle, replacing protein mass and treating the hair.

Sericin is made by the silk worm and possesses high compatibility with the keratin in human hair, acting as a kind of cement, protecting the cuticle.

So basically the way it works in your hair is like this:

1 – You wash your hair with deep cleansing shampoo, which will strip hair completely of any impurities and open the cuticles.

2 -After drying, you apply the Smoothing Treatment which contains Seriliss. This blend of ingredients will be infused into your hair. Carboxylic acids will temporarily realign and relax the hair disulphide bonds making it straighter, and Sericin will act as a cement filling any gaps on porous hair, adding mass and making it look healthier. And yes, we also have coconut oil to add shiny and moisture to the hair.

3 – Finish by straightening your hair and sealing all those beautiful ingredients inside. The thinner your hair sections are and the more repetitions you do with the iron, straighter your hair will become after the procedure is finished

This is how straightening works with go-Kera.

*NOTE – Disulphide Bonds: These are permanent hair bonds that are also responsible for your hair type. The amount of disulphide bonds within the hair determines how curly the hair is – the more bonds the curlier the hair. Disulphide bonds are largely responsible for how strong our hair is and how prone it is to damage.

Similar products might use different ingredients, different acids , different proteins, but basically the concept is the same. It comes down to quality and quantity of ingredients and the way it is applied. Better ingredients, better results.

With go-Kera we only source top quality ingredients. The product is free of any harsh chemicals and absolutely no formaldehyde whatsoever. Our products do not produce any fumes or smoke during the application. We care for your safety at the same time as we provide a product that can significantly improve your hair with an affordable price.

Thank you very much for your time, i truly hope you learned something new today and as usual if you have any questions or comments, simply reply to this email and we will get back to you.

See you next time,


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About Felipe

I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Australia in 2006 where I soon fell in love with the Australian landscape, lifestyle and people. After practically growing up in salons in my homeland, I noticed that the Australian haircare market was lacking a high-quality, in salon or at-home, hair smoothing treatment that was pleasant to use and actually worked. So, I set out to create one. go-Kera™ by Scaevola is the result, and I can’t be happier so far. Enjoy!


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