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Achieving amazing hair at home has never been easier or more affordable than with the go-Kera™ Deluxe Pack. This pack includes our signature smoothing treatment along with our entire range of aftercare products for a fantastic price. Order today to discover the power these products have to transform frizzy, unmanageable hair into smooth, beautiful and shiny locks.


    • 1 x go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment
    • 1 x 300ml go-Kera™ Anti-Frizz Shampoo
    • 1 x 300ml go-Kera™ Anti-Frizz Conditioner
    • 1 x 250g go-Kera™ Deep Hydration Hair Mask (FREE)
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  • Deluxe pack to provides intense and long-lasting smoothing.
  • Includes 1 x 2-step go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment, 1 x 300ml Anti-Frizz Shampoo, 1 x 300ml Anti-Frizz Conditioner and 1 x 250g Deep Hydration Mask (FREE).
  • Smoothing treatment is made with real silk protein and coconut oil for nourished and silky smooth results.
  • Works as a toner on blonde hair preventing brassy yellow tones and promoting a cool ashy tone. 
  • Results last up to 3 months (with the correct aftercare, i.e. use go-Kera aftercare shampoo, conditioner and mask).
  • Product has cumulative effect  (Meaning, on 2nd time results are even better)
  • No harsh chemicals or fumes, 100% free of formaldehyde
  • Aftercare range is salt, sulphate and paraben-free and made with vitamin-rich tamarind extract to hydrate, repair and smooth strands.
  • Treatment results can last up to 3 months and more with aftercare routine.

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For more information on our signature smoothing treatment and products, visit our go-Kera™page .

Step by step

1 – Wash hair with go-Kera Deep Cleansing Shampoo massaging into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat 2 to 3 times until hair is completely clean.

2 – Dry hair completely and divide into 4-6 parts.

3 – Using a brush apply go-KeraSmoothing Treatment section by section starting from the back of the head. Use a fine-tooth comb to work the product through each section from roots to tips ensuring the whole length of the hair is covered. Do not oversaturate.

4 – Leave product on hair for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. (On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 15- 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes.) Avoid contact with eyes during rinsing. 

5 – Dry hair completely and divide into 4-6 parts again.

6 – Apply flat iron 7 to 10 times from roots to tips. Make sure sections are thin and use a temperature of 190°C to 210°C (375°F to 410°F).


Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of irritation due to eye or skin contact, wash thoroughly with running water.


When using the flat iron:

  • For bleached, coloured, highlighted or damaged hair use lower temperature (190°C) and less repetitions (5 to 7 times). On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 15- 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes
  • For natural, thick and voluminous hair use higher temperature (210°C) and more repetitions (10 – 12 times)
  • For straighter and longer results ensure your hair sections are very thin when applying the iron (You should be able to see you finger through your hair).
  • If necessary, ask a friend to help you with the flat iron.

After Care:

For longer lasting results we highly recommend using go-KeraAfter Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. Alternate each wash by using Shampoo and Mask, then Shampoo and Conditioner. Especially on your first wash it is important to use go-KeraDeep Hydration Mask.

Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after every wash.

Please watch the step-by-step video by clicking here.

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