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How to use go-Kera on Curly Hair

Often, we receive enquiries on how to safely apply the product on curly hair.

Most customers don’t want to completely flatten their curls, but rather, just make them easier to manage and  without frizz.

This is possible and it has all to do with the application.

Yet another great feature of go-Kera it is its capacity to be adjusted to many styles of hair types with few different outcomes.

It can be used for hair straightening, or as a hair botox, to reduce volume or also to shape and manage curls.

There are two factors that will determine the outcome of the curls, on how straight it will get.

If you remember, we normally advise for your hair sections to be very thin, when it comes to the ironing part of the application.

For curls management do thicker sections instead. At least twice  as thick.. around 1/2 centimetre. This will ensure your hair won’t go totally or super straight.

Second, do only 2 – 4 repetitions with the flat iron (We normally recommend 7 – 10 ) .

Also if you can, apply our Leave-in cream   after your wash your hair to maintain your bouncy curls for longer.

Basically this is it.  If you want to know exactly what would work best for your hair type, do a patch test. This way you can determine the exact process that will work for your hair, before you commit to your whole head of hair.

The short video below was sent by a customer with curly hair. Click to watch the before and after.

I hope this information was of value for you.

Any questions, please reply and we will get back to you.

See you next time,


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About Felipe

I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Australia in 2006 where I soon fell in love with the Australian landscape, lifestyle and people. After practically growing up in salons in my homeland, I noticed that the Australian haircare market was lacking a high-quality, in salon or at-home, hair smoothing treatment that was pleasant to use and actually worked. So, I set out to create one. go-Kera™ by Scaevola is the result, and I can’t be happier so far. Enjoy!


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