The revolutionary hair smoothing treatment for soft, beautiful hair.

Go Smooth. Go Effortless. Go Beautiful.


As the Scaevola signature therapy range, go-Kera™ helps women achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of their own homes.

Like a professional keratin treatment , our revolutionary two-step smoothing treatment creates beautifully smooth and lustrous locks that last up to three months.

Using silk protein, go-Kera™ reverses hair damage to leave you with long-lasting, silky smooth hair. Added coconut oil ensures hydration, softness and shine. Designed as an improved alternative to traditional keratin smoothing treatments, this signature treatment contains no nasty chemicals and is safe to use at home or in the salon. 

Before and after

Results can last up to three months and are cumulative (meaning the second time, is even better)

Before and after

go-Kera can be easily applied from home or at the salon

Before and after

No harsh chemicals or fumes, nourishing formula for a smooth , soft and shinny hair.

Hey I just want to say that go-Kera has really changed my life ahh I love it so much and I never straigthen my hair or anything anymore. I’m definitely keep using it forever laughing I get so many compliments.

Catherine Paul

go-Kera™ step by step video

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Safe to Use

No nasty fumes or smoke. Nourishing formula.

Founded in Sydney

Formulated in Brazil. Designed for the Australian lifestyle.

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Animal Cruelty Free

Our products are absolutely not tested on animals.

go-Kera™ Aftercare

To enhance and maintain the incredible results of the go-Kera™ smoothing treatment, Scaevola offers a luxe range  of go-Kera™ aftercare products including anti-frizz shampoo, anti-frizz conditioner and a deep hydration mask.

Our powerful formulas are rich in nourishing ingredients, including tamarind. All our products are free of nasties such as sulphates, parabens and salt.

 Signature Ingredients

Sericin Silk Protein

This potent silk protein contains powerful amino acids that boost hair health while making strands significantly smoother and healthier. It does so thanks to its high compatibility with the hair’s natural keratin, which allows it to efficiently replace lost protein and seal the hair cuticle.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a key ingredient of the go-Kera™ treatment. With rich fatty acids, this oil is perfect for nourishing and hydrating the hair and scalp. Its powerful penetration also allows for enhanced results, like reduced frizz, decreased dandruff and fewer split ends.


Nourishing tamarind is an essential ingredient in our luxe aftercare range. Filled with vitamins and minerals, tamarind fruit is highly beneficial for hair. It works to lock in moisture and add shine for healthy, hydrated and smooth results.

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