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frequently asked questions

What is go-Kera™?

go-Kera™ is Scaevola’s signature haircare range. It includes the revolutionary keratin smoothing treatment as well as special aftercare products.

Is go-Kera™ a Keratin treatment?

Yes, go-Kera works just as a Keratin treatment you can have done at a hair salon. The go-Kera Smoothing Treatment also contains silk protein to repair and smooth hair.

Can the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment be used on any hair type?

go-Kera™ can be used on all hair types and colours. For coloured blondes, we recommend setting your flat-iron to a lower temperature during application to prevent colour lifting. On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes.

Will the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment make my hair straight?

While go-Kera is not a straightening treatment its smoothing effects do make the hair straighter.

Can I use the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment on myself?

go-Kera™ is ideal for use at home. While you can use it on yourself, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or hairdresser if you have trouble flat-ironing the back of your hair.

How long does it take to use the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment?

Application takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on hair length.

Can I wash my hair straight after the smoothing treatment?

Yes. Unlike other treatments that require you to wait days before washing, go-Kera™ allows you to wash your hair the same day.

Is the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment safe?

Yes, go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment is free of formaldehyde or any other harsh chemical and the treatment creates no smoke or fumes.

Is the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment safe if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

While go-Kera™ has no harsh chemicals and it is safe to use at home we recommend that you consult with your doctor first. Ingredients list can be found on the product page under “Ingredients” tab.

Will go-Kera™ strip the colour of my hair?

If hair is dyed, it may or may not happen. Striping the colour can happen to various reasons:

– Quality of the hair, if it is porous, brittle or damaged for example it tends to strip the colour more.
– Quality of the dye you are using.
– And most importantly the temperature of the flat iron.

If you have dyed hair then when doing the go-Kera treatment lower the flat iron temperature to avoid colour fading. Also use our leave-in before applying the iron as it helps with heat protection.

How long do the results of the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment last?

You can notice results for up to 3 months depending on hair type and maintenance. For long-lasting results, go-Kera aftercare products are essential as well as following the recommendations on the step by step guide . Drying your hair after washing is also very important for longer lasting results

How long do I need to wait to do the treatment again?

If necessary you can reapply the treatment after 2 weeks of the first application.

Should I colour my hair before or after the go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment?

We recommend waiting 4-7 days after treatment to colour your hair. If you colour your hair before, it may lift. We do not recommend using bleach after the treatment as it can get washed off. If you need to bleach your hair for foils as an example we recommend doing that first and go-Kera after.

Didn’t find the answer you’re after? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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