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Banish brass and deep-nourish your hair with 

go-Blonde Toning Treatment Mask


Banish brass and deep-nourish your hair with go-Blonde Toning Treatment Mask.

Transform your Hair from Brassy to Beautiful with go-Blonde

To achieve beautiful blonde locks many people turn to colouring their hair. However, years of chemical coloured treatments can leave hair damaged, brittle and dry to the touch. When hair is unhealthy, this can then lead to colour treatments looking brassy and yellow in tone, rather than the icy platinum look that many people crave.


go-Blonde – Formulated to Produce Stunning and Evenly Toned Blonde Hair

go-Blonde consists of an expertly created Toning treatment mask that neutralises brassy tones while also deeply nourishing chemically treated hair. Blonde hair is transformed into beautiful pearl and platinum tones, while dry and damaged hair is turned into smooth and shiny hair that is soft to touch.

Are you ready for a blonde hair treatment that actually delivers the pearl and platinum tones you’re dreaming of? Then choose go-Blonde!


I lightened my hair a few shades and it turned out a little yellow. The go-Blonde product fixed the problem for me. It’s a hair mask with blue and purple tones that counteract the brassy tones your hair can get when lightened. It definitely makes my hair a more natural, platinum blonde tone. The product smells nice and there is a surprising amount of it so it is a good value. I even used it on my eyebrows. 😉
Zoe L.

Blonde Toner
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  1. J

    Love love love can you guess how in love I am with your treatment. I will definitely be buying again. Had a lot of the product left over so I definitely will be putting more of it on my hair next time. Thankyou for bringing this product to all of the people. I use to pay $350 to have this done at the hairdressers. Never again. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou 🩷🩷🩷

  2. BM

    This stuff is a god send! I bought this product with high expectations and they were met. I live remote and am only able to get to a hairdresser maybe once a year if I’m lucky and if I do get a keratin treatment it is usually quite costly. So I am always looking for at home products that are easy to use and affordable. This was easy to use and very effective at a coinvent price. My hair is quite frizzy and curly and I find every morning is a fight to have it look half decent. Within 10mins of being outside the humidity of where I live has my hair looking fluffy and annoying as hell. It’s been 3 weeks since I applied the product and it is still looking smooth and slick as ever and it 100 times more manageable. I will be buying this product again I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!

    Image #1 from Bobbie M.
    Image #2 from Bobbie M.
    Image #3 from Bobbie M.
    Image #4 from Bobbie M.
  3. MC

    Nearly 2 weeks after doing my treatment and I’m absolutely in love. My hair is the softest it’s ever been and it just needs a blow dry and it’s no long out of control curl, it’s smooth and straight. Will be doing my next order soon to stock up on more shampoo and conditioner!

    Image #1 from Marissa Cole
  4. MD

    I admit I was a little hesitant purchasing this product and doing it myself, but after getting it done at a salon the price for my length and thickness of hair just wasn’t affordable anymore. I’m extremely happy with the end result and how easy it was to apply. My hairdrying time has halved and I didn’t need to use a straightener. Will definitely purchase again!!

  5. CP

    My hair is soft and shiny. I really loved this product. Thanks

    Image #1 from Clarice P.
    Image #2 from Clarice P.
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