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go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment

Our signature treatment system revitalises and enhances every strand to leave you with smooth, silky, shiny and radiant hair.

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    go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment

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  go-Kera™ Aftercare

To enhance and maintain the incredible results of the go-Kera™ smoothing treatment, Scaevola offers a luxe range  of go-Kera™ aftercare products including anti-frizz shampoo, anti-frizz conditioner, deep hydration mask and anti-frizz leave-in.


Banish brass and deep-nourish your hair with go-Blonde Toning Treatment Mask.

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  1. Nearly 2 weeks after doing my treatment and I’m absolutely in love. My hair is the softest it’s ever been and it just needs a blow dry and it’s no long out of control curl, it’s smooth and straight. Will be doing my next order soon to stock up on more shampoo and conditioner!

    Image #1 from Marissa Cole
  2. I admit I was a little hesitant purchasing this product and doing it myself, but after getting it done at a salon the price for my length and thickness of hair just wasn’t affordable anymore. I’m extremely happy with the end result and how easy it was to apply. My hairdrying time has halved and I didn’t need to use a straightener. Will definitely purchase again!!

  3. My hair is soft and shiny. I really loved this product. Thanks

    Image #1 from Clarice P.
    Image #2 from Clarice P.
  4. I Absolutely LOVE these products!
    Honestly…they have been a life-saver for me.
    I have probably one of the weirdest combinations of hair…fine, wiry, coarse & frizzy…all on one head.
    I seriously had just about given up..after trying EVERY conditioning treatment under the sun…& nothing worked at all…still all of thee above.
    Then I came across these products..& after reading copious was my last straw.
    I was nervous…but excited.
    I did the smoothing treatment..& my hair looked…& felt amazing.
    Then as I continued on & incorporated the leave in…& the deep conditioning treatment…my hair is just getting better and better!
    I just recently visited my mum in QLDS…& she noticed straight away..& said…( & I quote..” Your hair has never looked so good “).
    She’s just received her bundle yesterday…as she was so inspired by my result.
    Now I’ll be extra straight up here…I’m not a reviewing kind of person as a rule..but these products have helped me so much, that I simply had to share my experience….because if you are anything like me…never wearing your hair down…feeling to embarrassed to go to the hairdresser..& literally feeling that there’s no hope for you…trust me..There is!
    I will continue using the smoothing treatment every 3 months indefinitely..& that means forever!
    Along with the entire range.
    ThankYou for giving me hair I can actually be proud of!
    Ps: sorry I actually don’t have a before photo to share, as I’ve worn my hair up for as long as I can remember.

    Image #1 from JulieAnn
  5. Love this product. Shipping took a while.

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